They call me Glenn (they do so because this is my name – just who “they” are is of no concern to you, thank you very much), and I happen to be the other guy who will be posting on this site. I really don’t know what I’m going to post about. I didn’t envision this being something where I would post exclusively about sports, and I hope my appalling lack of knowledge about other subjects does not force this to be the case lol <3. My posting name, 41milestofreedom, has no significance; I just like the way it sounds. Possibly the nicest thing I can say about myself is that if someone in a group I’m with breaks out a guitar and starts playing, I would never jokingly suggest in a loud obnoxious voice that they start playing Stairway to Heaven or Free Bird…because that just wouldn’t be funny. Anyway, i hope you have enjoyed this toolish post of almost no substance, because odds are there are going to be many, many more like it where this came from.