I have to say, I’m getting lazier when it comes to NBC Thursday nights. I don’t know if I’m losing interest in My Name is Earl because of the new format (not doing a list item each week). And I might be getting bored with 30 Rock, though I can’t figure out why. Every week when I watch it I find it gets better and better, but I still do not look forward to it, nor to I give it my full attention while it’s on. But there is nothing that the two creamy, goey shows that make up the Double Stuff filling of the NBC Thursday night comedy Oreo could do to possibly make me turn away from them. Now that the moderately confusing intro is out of the way, let’s get down to business and talk about tonight’s The Office and Scrubs.

It’s hard to ask for much more from The Office. By this point in the third season, the expectations for this show are so unthinkably high that it can really only do one of two things; sustain and keep its level of comedy and drama at an almost unthinkable height like Arrested Development, or start to poison itself by spending too much time falling into its own cliches and traps like Lost. Lucky for us, tonight was a pretty good example of it doing the former. Phyllis had to know she was making a huge mistake letting Michael Scott in her wedding party (even if it did get her a 6 week vacation). Given even the slightest bit of power, Michael will always try to push what he can get away with. But, would a father actually do that? It seemed like a jerk move to me. Michael may not be part of the family, but I got the feeling that he is Phyllis’s closest male friend. While that’s a little sad for both of them, it also makes me think that she would understand he was upset after his only task was taken away from him… even if it was because of a seemingly miraculous event. This episode, like many before it, started off with the theme of “lets pity Michael for having a sad life.” Usually a good format for the show. But it quickly shifted gears for the better, turning into a “lets feel bad for Pam” story. There aren’t many sadder things this show can do than have a sad Pam. After noticing some similarities in the wedding preparation, Pam finally realized that Phyllis stole her wedding: from the flowers to the band to the wedding dress itself! Pam and Roy’s night culminated in a dance they shared to “their song,” that Roy paid $20 to get Scrantonicity to play, followed by a shot of them leaving the wedding together, holding hands. Of course, we were shown Jim’s reaction to the sight, but I’m starting to hope that he actually is happy with Karen like he seems to say every week. It’s the little things that Roy has been doing lately; walking away from the stripper, remembering the flowers that he got for Pam for their prom, etc., that are really proving that he does want Pam back. Sure, I was with the rest of America, standing and cheering when Pam and Jim kissed. But time has passed, and people change. Roy deserves Pam. The chemistry between Jim and Pam, whether or not this is intentional, is gone. Their flirting is uncomfortable, and it seems like the hidden love is no more. The best thing for Pam to do, it seems now, is to give Roy a second chance. As for Michael tonight, is there a point where we stop feeling bad for him when he’s outside alone and start getting annoyed that all he does is feel sorry for himself? And I might be making a big mistake here, but… Jan? Where was Jan? As long as they didn’t break up last week and I completely forgot, there was no reason Michael shouldn’t have been having a great time with her during the wedding. It was sweet when Phyllis gave him a kiss at the end, but I thought the Michael dynamic was off a little on the drama end. It seemed like the writers were trying to create a Michael-Phyllis underlying love, and there is simply no need for it. Michael’s comedy was dead-on though, whether it be his awfully timed “introduction” of the new married couple, or his extended handshake with Bob Vance.

I might be forgetting the episode already, but did tonight’s Scrubs have any flashback humor? It’s well-established now that this season peaked with the musical, but tonight’s episode felt very light in the comedy section. I love the self referential ring tone on Turk’s cell, and Keith’s face while imagining his could-have-been friendship with JD was priceless. But it seems like the writers have moved further away from their roots and are now trying to throw in as many plot twists as possible to keep the drama coming. Early Scrubs didn’t depend on twists for drama though, the drama was beautiful and natural, and arose from happenings in the hospital and realistic interactions between characters. My main complaint is Dr. Cox’s baby troubles in tonight’s episode. It just didn’t feel very sad, nor did it feel likely. It almost feels like they got notes saying “people like to see Cox when he is vulnerable” and ran with it. As for the JD storyline, I will admit that I didn’t see it coming. While I did think it was strange that she wouldn’t tell him about a miscarriage with his own child, I guess I didn’t think about it enough. Was it a nice little twist? Sure, but I think this show is above pulling these out every week to keep interest up. I love Scrubs, but… it has been slipping lately and I sure think tonight showed that.