There are few comedies, nay, NO comedies on TV that I currently enjoy more than How I Met Your Mother. I love The Office, and it is often a funnier show, but HIMYM gives its loyal fans an incredible sense of happiness after each episode. I just can’t help feeling good about this show when I watch it. If you aren’t watching it now, start. Anna has the DVDs and you can borrow them. So, did tonight’s episode live up to normal standards?

I seriously doubt Barney could run a marathon. Then again, I doubted Barney could win that Chinese game in the casino and he proved me wrong then. The lesson from tonight’s episode: never doubt Barney. Though the Robin-Ted airport saga was pretty bland, save a funny appearance by someone I think was David Allen Greer, the flashback vignettes were funny enough to carry the episode on their own. While stuck in the terminal trying to board a plane, Ted and Robin think back to what made them late for their flight in the first place. Definitely not an original premise (although this is the show that bills itself as “A love story in reverse”). This episode was also lacking in the plot advancement; maybe the writers had done enough of that lately and wanted to use up 3 ideas they’d had this season that weren’t strong enough on their own to support an entire episode? HIMYM doesn’t do this often, so it’s passable that they toss one out every so often, as long as they do it right. And tonight, they did. Some funny parts that stand out to me now:

  • Barney’s inability to walk, which gave some funny physical comedy, rare for this show
  • Robin calling the marathon “42 kilometers” in typical Canadian fashion
  • Marshall’s entire montage was great, especially the “We Are Marshall” joke and the predictable but still hilarious mirror nipple scene
  • The callback to Ted being in love with old pennies he finds on the ground (remember a drunk Robin in The Scorpion and the Toad, “This guy likes pennies!”)

Was the ending a cop out, the whole “He moved to Chicago… I would have never met your mother” bit? Sure, it was a cheap ending to try and give scope to the episode. But, even a cop out ending didn’t take too much away from this one.