I get it. I get jokes. I understand… when you make someone think you are going to say one thing and then tell them the opposite, it’s considered humor. But when you have used that same technique, often the exact same words, 5 times in the span of 3 minutes, the humor tends to lessen. If we learned one thing during Idol tonight, its that saying “I’m sorry (pause) that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of us,” over and over again until our ears bleed is not as funny as the judges might think it is. But what did I think of the contestants?

*EDIT: I have found a list of names on another website so I’m going to try now replace the crazy nicknames I had with their real names. I am missing Brandon Rogers and Gina Glockson, so if anyone wants to let me know how they were, leave a comment.

• Sanjaya Malakar – Not such a hot singer, but unique look. Also, good sob story with him missing his sister.
• Melinda Doolittle – Good range, nice voice. Early favorite, not such a great look, but a nice story (backup singer to leading woman)
• Haley Scarnato – Don’t really think she’s anything special.
• Philip Stacey – Eh. Unimpressive. I guess they felt for him because he missed the birth of his baby.
• Chris Sligh – Funny guy, decent singer. Remember this name because he has the personality to keep him on this show for a while.
• Blake Lewis – They let a beatboxer through? Seriously? Well, I’m sure this is going to come back and bite them in the ass when someone deserving gets left out later.
• Rudy Cardenas – Average talent. I once knew a kind named Rudy, I called him prison Rudy because he had been to prison. Nice kid though.
• Paul Kim – He was all over the place. Not a bad singer, just runs on top of runs. Paula stole Simon’s “sorry” joke 1 minute after he used it.
• Jordin Sparks – (daughter of former NFL player Phillippi Sparks) She’s nothing special. Nice name, though.
• AJ Tabaldo – 5 time auditioner? Take a hint.
• Stephanie Edwards – She looked just like Fantasia. She was alright. Simon did another confusing congratulations thing with her.
• Leslie Hunt – She has the look. Not sure about the voice.
• Nicholas Pedro – I’d call his voice weak. Aren’t there any standouts this year?
• Alaina Alexander – Looks great, cries a lot. Don’t love the voice, its flat and boring.
• Chris Richardson – Sounds like a pop star. Looks like an average jerk
• Sabrina Sloan – I’m so sick of Simon’s clever British double negatives.
• Lakisha Jones – She’s like a frog woman. But she has a great voice, maybe the best yet. Dear Simon… it’s not funny the 80th time you pull the old switcheroo.
• Nicole Tranquillo – Good look, good voice. Her name soothes me.
• Jared Cotter – Fine, good male voice, good look. I like him as a frontrunner for the men’s side.
• Amy Krebs – Looks ok, but just sounds like anyone else. Has the last name of a Pete and Pete character.
• Antonella Barba – What?? Marisa was so so so much better. Just a mistake by the judges picking from the final 2 here. (Note: She is from Point Pleasant, New Jersey.)
• Sundance Head – (son of oldies singer Roy Head) Stupid name… is that Jay from season 1 of project runway? Again, judges made a huge mistake. That’s 2 in a row to end the show.

So, you can see I really am not crazy about this year’s field. A few decent singers and a few lookers seem to be headed toward the finals, as well as plenty of quality human-interest stories in the group that I’m sure Fox will take full advantage of.