Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what’s the best relationship on this show. Is it the Taylors? Is it Matt and Julie, or maybe Jason and Lyla? Or is it non-romantic, like Matt and Landry? I could list a ton more, but I won’t because I’m sure you already know them all. The reason I bring this up is because every week, I’m shocked at how many solid character-character relationships this show simultaneously maintains. This week was certainly no exception.

So, the black players gave the coach a “him or us” ultimatum. If that isn’t the perfect model of teamwork… I’m sorry, I know this week isn’t as much about judging the actions of the players as last week was. But I was so mad after last week that it’s hard for me not to talk about it. Coach McGill said the wrong thing. In sports, racist comments like this often get coaches fired. I understand that he’s been there for 27 years and he might not have ever seemed racist before this, but its clear that he is. His apology was not acceptable. For the portion of the episode where it seemed he was going to be fired, I was very happy with it. But that does not excuse these players for walking out on their teammates this close to a playoff game. Coach Taylor bringing up the JV was the best possible thing he could have done. In the end, we saw a sort of resolution. McGill put himself on the line for Smash shortly after Smash and crew picked team over self, and Dillon was finally back to its old ways. Personally, while I enjoyed this story, it wasn’t my favorite issue they’ve tackled. They ended it well tonight, and I hope it gets put to rest now.

While the Matt-Julie situation has been rocky lately, I think we all knew they’d be back together. They are the two purest, most honest characters on the show, and they are among the best couples on TV right now. Matt and Landry’s back and forth was as quick and fun as ever, and Landry in the strip club was among the funniest situations I’ve seen on this show. One issue I have, though, is Julie and Tyra being friends, as well as Landry going that hard for Tyra. Tyra just does not fit into this group; its unrealistic to show that these people would want to be with her. Julie is too smart a character to not see how bad Tyra actually is for her. Matt and Julie’s make up scene had me smiling for 15 minutes after the show ended… classic FNL moment.

The football game was one of the best this show has done. Great hits, great runs, and I think we all know what it feels like to be on the bad end of a crummy referee. Although I have to say that there were a few moments where they missed calls so blatantly obvious that I’d have to assume another ref on the field would have made the call. The fight was fun to watch, too. Shades of Miami-FIU, I’d go so far as to say!

Another great episode of FNL tonight. This show is on a high right now, the story is firing on all cylinders. Next week’s preview didn’t overwhelm me, but that’s why I try not to watch previews. Let’s hope they can find a suitable follow-up to a race war.