I’ll tell you right now, both of these shows were great tonight. As I was about to write a clever lead in to this review, a huge cockroach ran across my floor. My roommate and I tried to kill it, but because we share a common fear of all things roachy, the beast got away. Now I’m fidgeting in my seat, I can’t put my feet on the ground, I’m constantly looking over my shoulder, and the last thing I’m in the mood to do is think about tv. I want to kill.

The Office was funny last week, as I mentioned in my last review. But it had some problems in the drama area, as I mentioned much more extensively. This episode got the mix right, combining hilarious situations, funny lines, and really believable, powerful drama. Quickly, I’ll say that Pam’s story was fantastic. It’s good that she is back with Roy and its interesting to see that it hasn’t taken long at all for things to fall apart a bit. It was hard to watch as people shot down her dream (Oscar’s boyfriend…), especially since it was so hard for her to have the courage to even get started with it. Michael’s story was hilarious as well as sad, but it wasn’t the normal Michael pity that they expect us to feel, where we feel bad for him because he feels bad for himself for being alone in life. His scene with Pam was sublime; they healed each other without even realizing it. The bat story had some of the best physical comedy this show has ever had, and it allowed many different office personalities to get in a good line/reaction (Angela praying cracked me up!). Some funny parts of the episode that stand out to me now:

  • Michael’s planned line for when the students threw up their hats after his speech, and his desire to get in on the frisbee game.
  • Michael ripping out the pages of the student’s book… as a student, I really felt for that guy. Those books are not cheap!
  • “Sitting in your ivory tower… or ebony tower.”
  • Jim’s prank was pulled off with classic technique, his best in a very long time. Way to think on your feet, Jim!
  • I loved the way they revealed Meredith was trapped in the bathroom, as well as Creed calling her “Mary Beth”

NOTE TO READER: Shortly after writing that last sentence, I saw the roach sprint across the floor. I tracked him with my killing stick and finally forced him to run into a box of Poland Spring bottles. He couldn’t get underneath, and in that once second, I ended him. Now I am sitting easier and enjoying life more. So how about a quick little bit on Scrubs?

This week was back to old form. I don’t know how I can describe this any other way than “season 3.” If you missed it, watch it. The flashback/in-show humor was well balanced and light and funny. The thing that set this episode apart from others this season was the way it handled the drama. It didn’t load us with cheesy, tacked on relationship drama or “when did JD get a wife and a baby” situations. It gave us characters showing self-doubt, trouble between friends, and normal hospital issues. Timely usage of Spoon’s “I Summon You” continued Scrubs’ appropriate use of hip but not super hip music effectively used to show a JD coming to a realization. It was classic Scrubs, there isn’t much more I can say. Favorite bits:

  • The bedpan race… if that doesn’t happen in real life, then hospitals have been missing out on a great tradition all this time.
  • JD’s poop problems were fantastic. I like that they are continuing the feud with the neighbors, its a funny little bit. Along with him getting really “feely” and walking his scooter home yet still getting the S.U.I., JD was on tonight.
  • Janitor, talking about the cruise before it happened. I liked it better when I thought it was real, because I found it funny to have a cruise full of janitors that are excited to clean up after themselves on a cruise. No maids.