This was my first time ever watching Heroes on TV on its original air date. I watched the pilot during the summer, watched the next few on my family’s DVR, and observant readers of 41MTF will remember that I documented my viewing of the last 10 on my computer recently. So, was it worth devoting an entire hour to (as opposed to the ~42 minutes of the edited computer version)? Did someone fly, did someone die? Yes and no. I’ll try to keep it reasonably short, but a whole lot happened this week; so Heroes fans, follow me! Let’s discuss what we saw!

I’m debating on how to write this; chronologically, or character by character. I think I’ll try the character method this week, and we’ll see how it works. Maybe I’ll try the other way next week and then they can be compared.

I’m going to start with Claire because, as I’ve made known in my journal, I like her. Claire’s mom starts with some form of spotty amnesia, but things quickly get worse, as she collapses to the kitchen floor while Claire finally gets the guts to tell her what is really up. A lot of this episode was centered around Claire manning up and finally confronting her parents about the terrible truth. I was so glad she finally did. In the hospital, when she and her dad fought in the hall, I felt for both of them. I really do believe that her dad wants to protect her. He has some evil aspects to him, but not when it comes to Claire. But, it was still so important that Claire confront him about all of this. I couldn’t deal with the lies they’d been giving to each other lately. Claire’s story ended with quite a surprise, when she was ambushed by the next group of characters I’m going to talk about.

Ted made a new friend in the beginning of this episode, I liked it. I also liked that his screen name was “teddybear,” that was cute. Ted’s new friend, let’s call her “Mobile Web Girl,”might be my favorite character yet. Her power? She has constant Internet access, in her mind. I know it’s fun to talk about which power you’d take if you could have one (don’t cheat, no Peter or Sylar), and now I have a new choice. She and Ted contact Parkman and they form a little trio of freedom fighters who share the same scar on the back of their neck. I loved this trio, I really did, until they attacked the Bennett family in the end. They made me choose between Claire and Parkman, and it was not difficult for me to immediately choose Claire. The previews make it look like they have a nice little tussle in there next week, so I can’t wait to see what happens.

Everyone’s favorite character (honestly, I’d put it at 90%), Hiro, had quite a week. After hunting down Ando and his Amazonian bride (side note, was she collecting Pogs in that bag? I couldn’t see what it was) [EDIT: Thanks to fellow blogger behindthesword, I now know that the things in her bag were poker chips.  And yes, as far as I know, once you leave the casino they are just little plastic circles], they get caught in the line of fire and Ando takes a bullet in a deceptively cute scene. Hiro, a second before his best friend takes one between the eyes, rediscovers his power, but does not know it because his eyes were closed. Finally, they part ways after Hiro makes the decision to send Ando home to prevent him from suffering any future harm. I had no problem with this choice, Ando never really added too much, Hiro was the standout there. I’m sure Hiro is going to miss him, though, so we’ll see how long this sticks. I also noticed in this episode how well they do the Nissan Versa ads. They are reminiscent of the tongue-in-cheek advertisements Arrested Development and 30 Rock did for Burger King and Snapple, respectively, but perhaps not to such a cynical extent. And of course, geeks of all walks of life let out a collective scream when they finally revealed that the bus driver was Stan Lee. A cameo on this show is perfect, a much better fit even than Mallrats or The Simpsons! Well done, Heroes!

Mohinder and Sylar continued their search for new heroes, and found one in the form of an old lesbian with super hearing. I thought her power was interesting not because its super original, but because we rarely think about the incredible difficulty it would give you before you knew how to harness it. Imagine everything you heard was infinitely louder? Sylar was cool as usual, I love that he likes hearing from Mohinder about the awful things he’s done, and that he smiles when he goes back to visit the scene of the murder. His evil vibe is perfect. Now, his inability to cope with the new super hearing should bring up some interesting developments with his character.

Finally, we have Peter-Isaac-invisible guy. Peter’s training in the beginning was the most comic book-like thing this show has ever done. It just felt right. It was cool to see Peter harnessing abilities, especially ones he might have picked up from Sylar. I never thought about this before, but if Peter can have all the abilities of Sylar, he is more powerful than we could have imagined before. Great new little bit of info to think about. Peter proved that he has the ability to be Neo from the Matrix in what I’ll politely call “an homage,” and impolitely call “a complete ripoff.” Everything right down to the bullet ripples. Later, in the fight of Isaac vs. Peter, clearly Peter is the right one in the situation. But when he attacked Isaac for not being as worthy a hero as him, it made me take Isaac’s side. Without him, none of this ever happened. Peter owes everything to Isaac and he can’t forget that. Finally, Isaac has killed Simone. Maybe this will end the feud between the two men? I can only hope. I never liked Simone, she has been a weak character since the beginning. She also reminds me of Sheree from the last season of Beauty and the Geek.

Overall, very good episode. Oh, and Peter flew. (EDIT: I had written here that no one died, 5 sentences after writing that Simone had died. Honestly, it never crossed my mind until my sister told me I had done it. That just goes to show how much I cared about Simone.) At least they aren’t making any whisper claims for next week. Lets hope they can pay off on their promise of us asking “Isn’t there some other way?!” or whatever they told us we’d all be yelling at the screen.