All I want to talk about now is the last 30 seconds of this episode! The triumphant return of the slap bet was so long anticipated and so perfectly executed, I could talk about it for hours. But, there’s more relationship-y goodness to be discussed than what we usually get, especially following last weeks drama-less flashback showing. So lets get to it!

The episode centers around the unbalance that exists in every relationship, the double standard that applies to men and women talking about old flames.  Personally, I believe there is a double standard, but that stems from a mix of personal history and what I’ve seen on TV.  Probably more of the latter.  Ted starts the episode by frequently making the mistake of confusing experiences with Robin and ones with his old girlfriends, each time cleverly covering up for her by saying he was thinking of his sister.  Robin decides that they need to be more open, and not shy away from talking about old relationships.  But, once Ted uses the new rule once, Robin can’t handle it.  Is this a sign of the inevitable decline of Ted and Robin?

The great question Marshall and Barney are debating was a story on the front page of today.  What a strange coincedence.  By the way, the answer is lady on top.  She still has a head, brain, face of a woman.  Even if something had lady parts underneath, can you imagine looking at a giant fish face?  The group attends Lily’s play, which is about as awful as a play could ever be.  Personally, I thought it was worse than Barney’s play because it was trying to be serious and was just so completely ridiculous.  What’s worse, I imagine that there are just dozens of awful little plays like this taking place in New York every single day.  I thought it was adorable that Marshall saved 4 seats, he was giddy the entire time.

Now we get into the meat of the episode, the Ted-Robin conflict.  Robin makes Ted throw away everything he owns that was given to him by an ex-girlfriend.  When Ted complies, it leaves his apartment completely bare.  Later, Robin admits to Ted that her dogs (5, if I remember correctly) are all left over from old boyfriends.  While I don’t think Robin should have to get rid of the dogs, I think the fact that she thought it OK to stay the same while forcing Ted to change was a terrible, terrible double standard.  But eventually, like the good person Robin has proved herself to be time and time again, she moves her dogs temporary to her lesbian aunt’s place (“They love dogs!”).  Ted tries in vain to cover up what he has done, but as they walk into his apartment Robin sees he has not thrown anything away.  I don’t know how much I blame Ted for this.  When he was last in his apartment, Robin had not gotten rid of the dogs.  It’s not like he knew Robin sacrificed some of herself and then went against her, like she did to him the the beginning.  They have a long fight, where future Ted gets some good lines in (something about “Seasons changed, pages flew off of calendars”).  In the end, they reveal to the group that the fight ended in them deciding to move in together.  I thought this was a GREAT move by Carter and Craig.  Everyone has been waiting for the Ted and Robin break up, we all know it’s coming.  It is known that “Aunt Robin” is not the mom.  So I’m sure that everyone was thinking “Here it comes, here’s the break up.”  I know I was.  Again, great twist by the HIMYM folks.  They get relationship stuff right more than any show on TV, even the twists feel right.

And of course, Barney’s one man show deserves mentioning.  Barney’s makeup alone was weird enough, but once the play started, it was pure genius.  “Moist. Moist.”  I like that Lily has a physical reaction every time the word is spoken, even if its expected.  I found myself growing to hate the word the more I heard it, too.  The best part of the play had to be the robot.  Seeing that costume alone proves just how much effort Barney put into this whole production.  And his beautiful song in the end, to his lover the toaster, was a nice ending.  And then, when we least expected it… SLAP BET!  Perfect execution!  I know everyone has been anticipating a slap bet payment, and they could not have picked a better moment.  It was a work of art.  Some other little things from the episode that I liked:

  • Robin’s idea of a whore; “Leaving expensive lotions all over town?  Sounds like a whore to me!”
  • Every Canada joke cracks me up, and this was no exception: “You guys don’t have Danby’s?  But where do you get grizzly paw ice cream sandwiches?” (Note: After doing some research, the closest thing I could find was Danbry’s in Regina, but they don’t have the mentioned dessert.)
  • Marshall’s shock when he saw Lily hold the mirror to Ted’s face, “Oh my god… Ted’s part of the play!”