I decided to catch up on Heroes before next week’s episode. At the moment, I have seen 4 episodes. That means I have to watch 10 before Monday. Usually not a problem, but pulling this off during a busy school week won’t be easy. I’ll be keeping a short journal of my thoughts after each episode too, so you can watch my slow progression into madness as I catch up to the revolution that has already claimed the Monday nights of everyone I know and love.

NOTE: After writing the journal, I am now adding in the little episode summaries you see after the number, to help viewers of the show have an idea of what I’m referencing. My misspellings and lack of knowledge will not be changed though, because that’s the nature of a journal, to show progression.

Episode 6: Hiro questions his own heroism. D.L. arrives at Niki Sanders’s home.

  • Why didn’t the Japanese guy stop time when he thought he was gonna get shot? Can he only do it sometimes?
  • I hate that mirror lady, she’s boring to me. I hope she gets more interesting after this.

Episode 7: Matt and Audrey investigate a murder. Peter asks for Nathan’s help in finding a painting. Micah Sanders is revealed to have powers.

  • Still don’t like that mirror woman, but at least her son is cute. This show actually has a lot of attractive people… almost seems like a requirement for being a hero is that you also have to be attractive. Except the female FBI agent, she’s gross.
  • I like the cop. He might be the only fully likable character on this show. That’s something I’m noticing, I have trouble feeling for a lot of these characters because they are just unlikable. It’s like the opposite of Friday Night Lights, where I love everyone.

Episode 8: Hiro meets Charlie at a diner. A mysterious boy visits Mohinder in his dreams, which makes him reconsider giving up his father’s search.

  • It was nice to have an episode without mirror lady. Cheerleader + cop + Hiro is all this show needs to give me to keep me happy, so this episode was a good one for me. Mohinder (always a funny name) is also boring. Today he was even more boring than usual.
  • I’m so over little kids in dreams pointing instead of saying anything. That dream fad is just passe now, it bores me. Fast flashy cuts combined with backwards whispering is the new creepy kid point when it comes to TV dream sequences.

Episode 9: Claire’s high school homecoming turns deadly, Peter tries to save the cheerleader. Sylar and Peter fight and fall off of the roof. Sylar then gets captured by Eden. Claire reveals her secret to her father.

  • What a solid episode. So this is why I saw “Save the cheerleader…Save the world” ads on NBC every few minutes for a month? Well, I’m sure the fans enjoyed it. We finally got some action! And a few answers! And even though it just opened up more questions, it really did feel like the best episode thus far.
  • Still, I have almost no interest whatsoever in Mohinder or the mirror woman… Micah’s mom. I don’t care enough to know her name. Both of their stories are boring. Also, I know Mohinder’s dad has done work in other countries, but is his accent anything? I can’t stand it, nor can I stand how he looks nothing like anyone else in that country.
  • Girls named Charlie are cool.

Episode 10: Six months before the series began, tragedy strikes the Petrelli family. Sylar’s identity is revealed. Hiro seeks to change Charlie’s death by going back in time.

  • A flashback episode? Really, Heroes? Really? How about you stop LOST-ing this up and just give us some answers. As long as we’re on the topic of being cranky, Sylar (whose name I thought was Skylar until just now) is the watch guy. What watch guy? How does this show introduce 4 new characters per episode?
  • My neck is really sore while I’m watching these so that might be why I’m cranky, but it also might just be more Nicky (Nicki?). Almost everyone else has come together at this point, so why not her? I hope Sylar eats her brains or whatever he does, and I hope he does it soon. Then he can look in a mirror and see himself smirking back, with a slightly deeper voice. SUPER POWERS!

Episode 11: Isaac seeks to paint the future without using heroin. Niki makes a move to protect her family. Peter fears he is responsible for the coming disaster. The Haitian’s powers are revealed.

  • I just typed another complete Niki rant but since I’ve done enough of those lately, I’ll talk about something else. Sylar is pretty cool (but evil) and Claire’s dad is a real jerk. I was just finally getting over my jealousy and accepting Claire and the gay kid as a budding romance. Now he has no idea? Thanks, jerk. Well, I guess if it puts her back on the market I can’t complain too much.
  • Haitian Sensation stepping it up big time! I like what I see from him. Peter can be a little too much at times, can’t he? He’s cool and all, but he is just annoying with the whole “I did it, I’m a real live hero!” stuff. I’m also glad Isaac can paint sober now, because one of my favorite parts of this show is the art. Sylar on the loose again? Cool with me, I like seeing what he can do.
  • Yes I know Claire is a fictional character. But let me have my TV crushes. [Note to self: TV crushes may be an interesting topic for future posts. Try not to make it all about Julie Taylor.]

Episode 12: While in a coma, Peter has another vision. Hiro begins his quest for his sword.

  • I love Peter’s dream. I think it’s cool that they cleared out a whole section of NYC to film it. In this episode, they did it especially well, since we got to see Nathan’s face melt off. Oh, were we supposed to see the invisible hobo in the end and say, “Ahh yes, I remember him!” Because I sure didn’t feel that way when they gave him his own mini-flashback. I just said “Great… another hero.”
  • They’re going to give Niki the chair? That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long, long time. And I really hope that the cop (I need to learn his name, he’s one of my favorites) and Claire’s relationships are both patched up soon. They’re both on the right track now, keep it up!

Episode 13: Peter continues to follow the invisible man. Matt’s wife comes to terms with Matt’s thought-hearing power. Hiro and Ando are kidnapped by men working for his father. Claire searches for her biological parents.

  • The Claire story has my interest piqued, but not the new mom saga. My favorite scenes are the ones where she and her dad are both lying to each other’s faces, and you never know in the end just what her dad is thinking. The wind chimes, followed by the cold goodbye? Perfectly executed, Heroes. Also, when her mom ripped off the Human Torch there in the end, did they use the old stock Space Ghost fire that everyone on Adult Swim uses now?
  • George Takei is Hiro’s dad… god bless Japan. If I had known that this was George Takei’s kid the whole time, I would have viewed this show very differently. Mostly, I would have said “Why isn’t George Takei on the screen right now?” Over and over again. The little “Gulp!” subtitle was a funny touch. Good episode, other than the Nicki stuff. Keep that clown locked up.

Episode 14: Hiro deals with explaining his destiny to his sister and father. Claude trains Peter to hone his power. Sylar makes a move against Mr. Bennet. Claire meets her biological mother.

  • Hey, Peter and invisible guy: Stop walking into people. It’s annoying the hell out of me. We get it, you are British and don’t care what people think of you. Just please… stop bumping everyone on the street. I’ve walked through New York and didn’t slam someone every 3 seconds. Please, be a little more courteous from now on?
  • I’m not sure how much of a twist they gave to us at the end there. We knew Claire was going to have a dad who was a semi-prominent male character. When you think about it that way, Nathan is a pretty obvious choice. I’m trying to think about the implications of this, but it’s hard; is it really that important of a revelation? The only good thing I can think of is now Peter is her uncle. I guess they just wanted viewers to go “no way!” because they saw someone they knew.
  • George Takei is too cool when he speaks Japanese. He’s even cooler when he growls. You know who isn’t cool? The fat lawyer working for Linderman. He is my least favorite character on the show.

Episode 15:

I think I’m going to write a mini-review for this one, since it’s the most recent episode. Luckily for me, this episode dealt with my big 3; Hiro, Matt, and Claire. I’ll just touch upon what happened to all of them. Matt Parkman and Malsky working together was like poison for me. I love Matt, but I find that slob Malsky so gross (I think it’s his voice that I hate) that it totally took me out of the scene. That is, until Jessica showed up. My loathing for that woman is what made the scene work; it was the first time on this show that I’ve seen a clear good vs. evil battle. Of course, evil won this time, but there’s no doubt that she’ll get her comeuppance. The producers have to be sick by now from hearing the public outcry against her character. Claire’s story was less than engaging today, since the initial “That’s her dad??” shock has officially worn off and now we’re left with the stale story of her biological mother being a bad person. Ended on a strong note though, with her mother’s memory showing some permanent damage from all the zapping it has been getting lately. Makes me glad my only memory leak problems are with Firefox! Get it?… The third story of the episode dealt with the possible temporary break up of Hiro and Ando. It broke my heart to see a very tall woman tear them apart like that, but this show would not keep them apart for more than one or two episodes, so don’t worry. Finally, we have the Sylar story. This was probably the most important part of the episode, in the long run. I must admit that I love Sylar. He’s the perfect villain. He’s much stronger than any of the Heroes, individually. He knows how to manipulate people and trick people until they let him get close enough that he can overtake them. He is fun to watch and adds a great deal of intrigue to the show.  With his new partnership with Mohinder, he’ll have unprecedented access to a whole new database of powers.

So, there you have it. I’m finally caught up, 6 hours before show time! Tonight I’ll be watching along with the rest of you, hoping “Someone will fly. Someone will die.” actually pays off. Predictions? Peter will fly, as he finally learns to harness various powers he’s learned in the past. As for the person dying, I’m hoping its Niki-Nathan, since their paths are about to collide. I wouldn’t mind losing either of them, and having Nathan die will add more to the story of Claire not being able to find her real dad. But, we’ll find out soon enough!