studio-60.jpg Every once in awhile there comes a show with great writing, beautiul acting, and wonderful story lines, that seems to grab the viewer into suspense every week. In some cases, nobody seems to be there to watch. This seems to be the situation with Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip, arguably the best show on any of the big networks’ Monday night lineups. Studio 60 has the rare ability to make you break out into laughter one second, and be driven to tears the next. What’s amazing about this show is that it all comes from the creative mind of Aaron Sorkin, who, to date, has written every episode of Studio 60 by himself. An amazing feat for a weekly one hour show, Sorkin has rarely shown signs of slipping with quality. There were time periods when Studio 60 hit a rough patch, as the episodes just didn’t seem to be up to par with the others. Recently however, Sorkin has returned to his old ways and this show is now my favorite of the week. The sad part however is that the rumor mill has been spitting out his rumors lately. Apparently, The Black Donnellys, if recieved well, would take Studio 60 out of the rotation. Leaving it as just another A+ caliber show to be thrown to the side of the road. Not too long ago I seemed to be in this exact situation.

It was last year, around this time, that I was sitting in my acting class patiently waiting for our guest speaker to arrive. His name was Jim Vallely, and he was a head writer for the dramatically underrated and under lived show Arrested Development. Arguably the greatest show of all time. Since I had arrived 30 minutes early to maybe get some alone time with him, when he walked in I was the only one there. As I walked over and introduced myself to him, pulling out my Arrested Development dvd’s and ranting about the show, he could tell I was a very big fan. When I name dropped specific episodes it must have been at this point when he decided I should hear the tragic news. He put his hand on my shoulder and told me that the show was over with, no one would be picking it up. It hurt, more than it should have, but still I felt it sting. A great show was going completely unappreciated and disrespected. It was unfair, and it would hurt me to have the same thing happen twice. Studio 60 deserves more, maybe you should tune in.