(Photo originally from SI.com)

Honestly, I have started so many times, tried it in so many forms. One time, I was about to make a Facebook group. I quit before I finished. I’ve started rewriting this post a few different times in a few different incarnations. At first, it wasn’t even going to be about him; it was going to be me wondering who the biggest tool left in college football is now that he’s gone to the NFL. I scrapped that idea when i realized venting about this guy was going to be more than enough…yet I abandoned that, too. (Not to mention the fact that most people just think the biggest tool is Nick Saban, anyway, and the subject of him has basically been blogged into oblivion as it is.) That leaves me here, wondering why I always decide this guy is just not worth it. Well – that’s probably it. In the end, I invariably wonder why I’m wasting my time on this rodent-looking man, and I give up on my rant. Of course, by the time I decide to scrap it, I’m always finished with a decent portion of it, so I wind up wasting my time on him and the writing goes for naught. Damn you, Bobby Petrino. You never fail to torment me, even if complaining about you is pretty fun.

And if I feel like that, imagine what Louisville fans are thinking about him.