Did any fellow Veronica Mars viewers out there notice a different feel to tonight’s episode? First the obvious; tilted cameras in what felt like at least half of the scenes. It was interesting at first but if they make this style consistent I might have to stack some books under one side of my TV to keep myself from getting severe neck pain. I missed who the director was, but he definitely took some liberties with the visual style. Even the editing was different, quicker cuts than usual. Second, they storytelling was a bit different. Instead of a new one-episode mystery, they had the happy scavenger hunt B story, which ended with the first proof I’ve ever seen of Mac being able to show human affection. It also continued this show’s cool soundtrack history with “Swimmers” by Broken Social Scene. The whole scavenger hunt was a nice little distraction, it was starting to seem like these college kids never have any fun… and we all know that can’t be true. College life never slows down! Which reminds me, if you were wondering about my life, I do crosswords and watch/write about TV every single night. Without exception. Even on weekends.

As for the story, a slow 45 minutes was followed by an amazing 15. I’d call the last act of tonight’s episode the best thing this show has done in well over a year. Huge shock, Sheriff Lamb is dead. Keith is the new Sheriff. It sure felt rushed though, didn’t it? I don’t know, I’m very happy to see Keith in charge again, but I don’t feel like they did Lamb justice moving that quickly. Anyway, is next week the finale? If it is, I’ll write a season review then.