It’s that time of the year again. Spring Training is upon us. In about a month and half America’s pastime will be back in full swing. Predictions have always been a part of sports. The sad part is that people always say that they predicted things after it’s over. So I figured I’d document my predictions for the world to see. They may not all be correct in the end, but I can tell you honestly, they will be from the heart. We’ll take this division by division and then through the playoffs.

  • National League
    • East: New York Mets
    • Central: Houston Astros
    • West: San Fransisco Giants
    • Wild Card: St. Louis Cardinals
  • American League
    • East: New York Yankees
    • Central: Chicago White Sox
    • West: Anaheim Angels
    • Wild Card: Boston Red Sox
  • Divisional Round
    • National League
      • Mets over Cardinals
      • Giants over Astros
    • American League
      • Angels over Yankees
      • Red Sox over White Sox
  • Championship Round
    • National League
      • Mets over Giants
    • American League
      • Red Sox over Angels
  • World Series
    • Mets over Red Sox

I may be playing favorites here. No, I am playing favorites here. I can’t help it, they came so close last year I truly believe they will make it all the way this year. I expect some backlash, but that is the business I’ve chosen. Here are some picks for the awards.

  • National League Most Valuable Player
    • Albert Pujols
  • American League Most Valuable Player
    • Alex Rodriguez
  • NL Coach of the Year
    • Willie Randolph
  • AL Coach of the Year
    • Terry Francona
  • NL Cy Young
    • Barry Zito
  • AL Cy Young
    • Daisuke Matsuzaka (bold prediction)

I’m looking forward to great, memorable season.