I would just like to say right in the beginning that I am not big on summaries. I’ll talk about some key points but these are pretty much just reviews. Last night was a pretty great night for me. Not just because it was Monday, but every show did pretty well. Let’s run down the list.

First show of the night I watched was Prison Break. Here are a few major things that happened.

  • Michael, Lincoln, and Sara are now in possession of the audio sample that may prove Lincoln to be innocent of his crime.
  • C-Note has teamed up with Mahone in order to save his wife and daughter.
  • T-Bag lets Ms. Hollander and her children go free after realizing how bad all things he’s done really were.
  • Kellerman was ditched by Michael, Lincoln, and Sara and now seems to be on his own.

I have to say that this was a pretty impressive episode. We’ve been waiting for Michael to get his hands on this audio for awhile now and it was good to see things finally moving along. For awhile this show had the tendency to just do the same thing over and over again, week in and week out. Which of course was Mahone and the rest of the police in the world just chasing the convicts. Hopefully this episode will be a spark to keep the rest of the show this season being involved with the conspiracy involving Lincoln. It’s the bread and butter of the show. All the buzz around this show before it even aired was that it was supposed to be strictly a two season show. If that’s the case then we should be seeing things wrapped pretty quickly as there are only a handful of episodes remaining in the series.

For 24, Heroes, and Studio 60 click the link.


Another shocking ending in 24, this show never lets you down with its endings. 58 minutes of this show may be garbage sometimes but the final 2 minutes will always leave you counting down until the next week.

  • Morris is still struggling with the fact that he armed the nuclear weapons and could be responsible for millions of lives.
  • Jack finds his father, saves his nephew.
  • Jack’s father has Jack at gunpoint but lets him go as Jack is on his knees.
  • Jack finds a cell phone outside on the ledge with a mysterious cell phone number, he dials and it’s FORMER PRESIDENT LOGAN.
  • A plot to assasinate President Palmer is in effect.

What a great episode. It was a little slow for the first half hour but once Jack showed up at the hotel where his father was holding his nephew hostage things heated up. The return of President Logan is a little mysterious. His exact location is unknown to the audience at this time, but it’s clear he has a message for Jack. This could simply be a set-up by Jack’s father but if this was the case why didn’t he just kill him when he had the chance? It will be very interesting to see how this Logan situation plays out.


We got some answers, and some big things are going down. Ever since the show came back from break nothing major has really happened, they are just advancing the story week by week but last night some major things went down.

  • Peter flew again. Also he can move objects with his mind now.
  • Simone was shot and killed by Isaac, while him and Peter fought.
  • Claire confronts her father.
  • Parkman and radiation man, as I affectionately refer to him, have teamed up with Internet girl (once again), to take down Mr. Bennett.
  • Hiro and Ando split up.
  • No Jessica/Nikki.

I loved all the action in this episode. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m starting to find Hiro and Ando very boring. They never really do much. Hiro stopped time last night but was unaware that he did this, so he does have his powers back. I think Peter Petrelli was almost out of character when he confronted Isaac, he was being a complete jerk which isn’t really in his nature. Jessica not being in the episode was a plus because I, along with 95% of the country, don’t really care about her. We don’t hate her, we don’t care enough to hate her. If next weeks previews are any indication of how good it should be, we are in for a great episode

Another solid episode out of Sorkin. I don’t understand why Matt’s apparent drug problems were left out of this episode. Hopefully it will be brought back otherwise it seemed unnecessary.

  • Studio 60 defense lawyer questioned people in relation to a sexual assault case.
  • Matt struggled to write as he waited for his ‘4am Miracle’
  • Danny and Jordan have a 100 dollar bet that Danny can’t take care of the baby doll, which is meant to be treated like a real baby. It has a computer chip to tell if it has been truly cared for.
  • Tom Jeter decapitates the baby.
  • Harriet returns from her movie set and kisses Danny on the cheek. He has his ‘4am Miracle’

I really liked this episode. Once again it started a little slow but everything started rolling along about midway through. I accept that fact that there are going to be some rough stretches since Sorkin writes these episodes by himself. Danny and Jordan’s relationship is great, I love them together. Matt and Harriet have to end up together or it will simply be depressing. There have been no Steven Weber sitings lately, don’t know what’s up with that. Matt was seen taking pain killers last week but it was not even mentioned this week. And of course the god damn Black Donellys will be on next week. I’m going to want to hate that show but I will give it a fair shot. Till then…