I dropped in for the second half of American Idol tonight, and noticed a very strange exchange after the very poor performance of Alaina Alexander.  After being torn up by the judges, and rightfully so, Ryan Seacrest rushed to her rescue.  He called out the judges by telling them that she had a lot of spirit, and “She was going to quit singing before she came on this show,” which I’m still not sure has anything to do with her singing talent.  Simon asked “Are you trying to date this girl?” To which Seacrest replied “I’m… not even going to respond to that.” (Or something along those lines)  Simon simply said “That means yes.”  The tension did not let up between the host and Simon until Alaina was off the stage and they had moved on, as they exchanged a few more pleasantries before Seacrest took her by both hands and said something to her as they cut to commercial.  So, a conflict of interest in Idol Land?  We’ll find out!  But if there is, you heard it here first!

A quick note about tonight:  The final two are basically already decided.  Melinda Doolittle vs. LaKisha Jones.  You heard that here first, too!