Important night for Lost, following the great showing last week. Viewers across the world (maybe some 10 million, maybe lower? Who knows, numbers just keep falling) tuned in to find out what Desmond’s fascinating gift would have to do with the fates of the survivors. Viewers were then disappointed to find that Desmond, Charlie, and the rest of the original island crew didn’t even make an appearance on tonight’s episode. I wasn’t too crazy about this episode, but it did what it had to and threw in some nice Lost moments here and there to keep fans happy.

Let’s start with the Sawyer and Kate storyline from tonight’s episode. Kate wanted to turn around the boat and go back to save Jack, even if it meant risking herself. One of the few interesting character developments we got during the first part of the season was the development of the Jack-Kate relationship. We saw how much Kate cared about Jack, and just how far Jack would go in order to keep her safe. Tonight just solidified evidence of their bond, as Kate repeatedly expressed desire to go back and get Jack. Sawyer’s moment of sweetness with Carl was a decent soft side to the old nickname machine (seriously, a nickname doesn’t work when NO ONE gets it til you explain it… Bobby?), but his best moment came when he acknowledged the growing tension that arose from when they went at it. And I guess the evil side came out in me tonight, but I agreed with Kate when she said they should have kept Carl for questioning. He knew everything and could have been an amazing source of information for them!

Now, onto the only other story. The Jack story. I’m not even going to talk about the Bai Ling back-story, because I despise her. She proved tonight that she is both gross AND not really talented as an actress. The story really did nothing for me, I’d rank it among the worst back stories. Anyway, back to real time (or 2002 or whatever it is now), today’s Jack saga was a nice departure from most of the Jack we’ve seen lately. We meet a new character (pictured above), Isabelle. Tom calls her “the sheriff.” From what we can tell, she appears to be powerful; second in command under Ben, maybe the head judge of the island or something. Ben is in a bit of trouble, and once again it’s up to Jack to help him out. Jack refuses until he learns that Juliette shot an Other to save his friends. He learns that helping Ben can save Juliette, who is facing the death penalty, so he agrees to become Ben’s PCP. There goes Jack, constantly sacrificing himself for various women! Jack’s “perfect” aura from early in the show has long since been erased, but he is still quite noble. The most intriguing moment in the Jack story came late, when the flight attendant from Oceanic 815 came and talked to him, along with the children whose feet we had seen walking quitely back when the Others were still a mystery… remember that teddy bear? I thought that was a nice piece of continuity. Anyway, she came to watch the trial of Juliette, because, frankly, there’s no way there is anything better to do on an island all day. you have to take what excitement yo can find, even if that does mean sitting through court. The end of the episode was the best part; Lost has always nailed scenes like this, where there is no sound, just music.

I honestly don’t have too much to say about this episode. There wasn’t too much mystery to talk about, not many new questions were opened, and even fewer were answered. It felt like yet another wrap up episode to the “6” episode arc we stuck through in the beginning of the season to get to the good stuff. Hey Lost… can we please get to the good stuff now?