That’s him.

About the title: not my words. (You might have cleverly guessed that already, seeing as how they’re in quotes.) The guy who actually said that happens to be H.B. Blades, the former star Pitt linebacker. He made that comment right after White’s West Virginia team beat Pitt this past year, 45-27. He’s the same person who called Brian Leonard “the best at what he does” and wore a Rutgers t-shirt during offseason workouts to fire up his team after they lost to RU on the road in 2005. Given these hijinks of his, it might be tempting to simply label him as a guy who gets too fired up in the heat of the moment to say rational things.

There’s no question that Blades really WAS fired up in the heat of the moment (although looking at the way White played that game, you can’t blame him for saying it), but going into 2007, with the help of the fact that some of last year’s elite are off to the NFL, Blades might well be right.

As far as I can tell, Louisville’s Brian Brohm is White’s main competition at this point for “best QB in the country” honors. (Well, would you look at that – two Big East guys.) John David Booty from USC is pretty good, Maryland fans seem to be really excited about their new guy, Josh Portis, Tim Tebow can finally be #1 in more than just popularity at Florida, Riley Skinner from Wake Forest had a good year, Colt McCoy from Texas looks like a great player, Colt Brennan from Hawaii set every record in the book…there are a lot of good players, but White is as good as all of them.

There are two basic schools of sportswriting/sportsblogging thought on measuring a player’s worth. For example A, let’s go with someone like Bill Simmons. Although he at times tries to be a stat man, it’s more often you’ll see him devalue a player by saying something like, “Have you ever once thought, ‘Uh-oh, I’m worried, we’re going up against [Player X] this week,’ or ‘Wow, I hope I can catch some of [Team X’s] games so I can see [Player X]?” Well, whatever the case may be, Pat White passes this test perhaps more easily than any player in the country. Running QBs always seem to fire fans up, and White most certainly is one. I know I will be watching as many West Virginia games as possible this coming year mainly to see White play (except for the RU game, which there will be much more additional motivation behind). He is a marquee player.

The other perspective (which will be known here as the “ perspective”) and any other additional thoughts on the subject will come later on.