There was a time in our generation’s life where there was only one sanctuary.  Not too long ago it felt like everything in life was just better.  No worries.  No money problems, no girl problems.  No parents bugging you about getting a job.  It was being a kid.  Never doing anything wrong, and if you did you got nothing more than a short timeout.  There was one other plus to being a kid during our time, and that gift from God was Nickelodeon.  Never before or since was there such a great time to be a kid and watch TV.  I remember it being all I ever really wanted to do.  Maybe Nickelodeon is to thank for my dedicated TV watching, because as child it’s all I wanted to really do.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are a few good shows on Nick these days.  The Fairly Oddparents is a hilarious show.  Along with the worldwide sensation Spongebob Squarepants there is really nothing else.  Zoey 101?  My television would have been spit on if this show was ever on my TV as a child.  Then I think, and I always find myself asking this…If I was a child now, would I view these shows the same way that I viewed the classics of my era?  Honestly, I wouldn’t.  The quality is so low on some of these shows sometimes when my little sister is watching them I can’t even stay in the room.  Is there even one game show on Nick anymore?  We had more than we could ever imagine.

Wild and Crazy Kids.  What Would You Do?  Global Guts.  Legends of the Hidden Temple.  Double Dare.  If we were in the mood to see some light hearted family competition we were never far away.  The children of today’s age are deprived of the wonderful world of the Pie Coaster and shaving a balloon.  It almost seems unfair that these little tikes don’t get to experience what we used to have.  Mark Summers was a household name as youths, my little sister wouldn’t know Mark Summers from Mike O’Malley and that is unfortunate.

What about the cartoons?  Yes Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents own today’s Nick but they wouldn’t be in the same league as Doug, The Rugrats, or Rocco’s Modern Life.  Other than being great children’s shows, they were just in great shows overall.  Every once in awhile I find myself up earlier than normal and I happen to catch a classic re-run of Rugrats, I’m still glued to the television.  Was there anything better than watching Tommy Pickles save a group of troubled babies from mean ol’ Angelica?  I contest that there wasn’t.  We followed Doug Funny from new kid in town to becoming a model citizen.  It’s a shame that Doug moved to ABC because when it was on Nick it was an instant classic.  As I check to see what’s on Nick right now I see that Jimmy Neutron is up followed by Danny Phantom.  Who the hell is Danny Phantom?  I don’t know and never want to know.  I’m fine with living in the past.

SNICK.  I almost don’t have to keep writing this paragraph because I know that word just conjures up images.  We fell in love with Kenan Thompson each and every Saturday Night.  We loved the screwball adventures of him and his best friend Kel Mitchell.  That man never wanted anything more than an orange soda.  Then after a great night of laughter we are nearly driven to sleep in our parents bed because we were terrified for a half an hour but a shiny red bike or a vampire walking out of a movie screen.  Are You Afraid of the Dark in my opinion was the ultimate Nickelodeon show.  They knew how to scare their audience without ever going too far.  As kids we were completely scared out of our minds, but now as I have recently viewed every episode, it isn’t ever really that scary.  To be able to pull that off is a great accomplishment.

Nickelodeon.  I never needed anything more back then.  A half hour of quality TV and I was happy as can be.  No pressure with school, no money issues, no love issues, just being a kid.  Is it too much to ask to want to be a kid again?