The Oscars are always a great night in Hollywood and last night was no exception. Predictions are a big part of the night as people all over the country try to play expert. I did an average job last night on picks. Here’s how my night went…

These are not in the order that they were presented. I’ll start with the minor categories and work my way to the top.

Art Direction
My Prediction: Pan’s Labyrinth

Actual Winner: Pan’s Labyrinth

My strategy was to pick this movie in every category it was nominated in and for this category it worked. Art Direction is a tricky category because no one really knows for sure who had the best Art Direction but this movie was getting more hype than Tyson-Holyfield so I went with it.

Costume Design
My Prediction: Marie Antoinette

Actual Winner: Marie Antoinette

This was my gem of the night. I believe, truly, that I may have been the only person alive to correctly pick this category except for the people involved in making the movie. This pick really gave me my confidence back for the rest of the night and true to form, I caught fire after this.

My Prediction: Pan’s Labyrinth

Actual Winner: Pan’s Labyrinth

I know, so far I’m 3 for 3 but this isn’t the order they were presented. During the actual show I started out 2 for 6. Once again Pan’s Labyrinth seemed like the easy pick and in this category it held.

Short Film-Animated
My Prediction: Lifted

Actual Winner: The Danish Poet

I apologize for not caring or researching this category but awards like this were always boring to me. I understand these people put a lot of work into the films but the fact of the matter is that no one cares.

Short Film-Live Action
My Prediction: The Saviour

Actual Winner: West Bank Story

Once again I really had no idea about anything in this category. Once I was the clip of West Bank Story I knew it would win but it was too late to change my pick. It’s a shame but I don’t shy away from failure.

Sound Editing
My Prediction: Apocalypto

Actual Winner: Letters From Iwo Jima

I thought maybe the Academy would throw Mel Gibson a bone here and try to rescue him from his whole hating Jews thing but I suppose not. This movie deserved to win an Oscar simply because Clint Eastwood can speak Italian, or at least fake it. Very well.

Sound Mixing
My Prediction: Dreamgirls

Actual Winner: Dreamgirls

What’s the difference between the two? Make one category…Sound. Problem solved. I don’t know why but this one seemed a little obvious to me, the gut feeling came through in the category that has haunted my dreams for years.

Original Song
My Prediction: “Listen” Dreamgirls

Actual Winner: “I Need to Wake Up”

I should have known this song would win after the star of the night slowly became Al Gore. With his witty jokes and supported stances on the planet how would he not be the coolest cat in Hollywood.

Original Score
My Prediction: Pan’s Labyrinth

Actual Winner: Babel

What?!?!?! I thought this movie was going to sweep in every category. Not a complete shocker actually judging as how this was only for the Score. The bigger upset and complete shock of the night came later on.

Documentary Short
My Prediction: Two Hands

Actual Winner: The Blood of Yingzhou District

Another category where I completely had no idea on who was supposed to win. I took a chance and once again failed miserably. Every year I always hit on at least a couple of these categories but I kind of sucked this year on the minor ones.

Documentary Feature
My Prediction: My Country, My Country

Actual Winner: An Inconvenient Truth

OK, before you start cursing me out and calling me a moron listen to my explanation. Once again I figured I didn’t know any of these and just picked a winner without really looking, only to realize halfway through the show that this was the Al Gore movie that was nominated and I couldn’t change my pick. Trust me, if I would have realized I would have picked. A horrible job.

Film Editing
My Prediction: The Departed

Actual Winner: The Departed

Wasn’t really too sure about this but when looking at the rest of the nominees it kind of seemed like the right choice. I was hoping that this movie wouldn’t start sweeping every category because although I did like the movie I didn’t think it was out of this world or anything. Very good movie, just not as great as you’d think.

My Prediction: Children of Men

Actual Winner: Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth back on top of the Oscar world! I went with Children because of the few clips I’ve seen it just has a really original look to it. Tom was crushed by this loss and I feel terribly for him. He was a big supporter of this movie but it came away empty handed.

Animated Feature
My Prediction: Monster House

Actual Winner: Happy Feet

I remember hearing Steven Spielberg’s name attached to this movie so I just picked it hoping it would win just because of that. I was wrong, Happy Feet was not only the best Animated Feature but it must have been the greatest movie of the year because Robin Williams was attached. This was a joke.

Visual Effects
My Prediction: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Actual Winner: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

I went back and forth between this movie and Superman but ended up making the right pick in the end. Superman was amazing and I have never even seen Pirates but I just had a feeling that it would take this one home.

Foreign Language Film
My Prediction: Pan’s Labyrinth

Actual Winner: Pan’s…what? The Lives of Others? Seriously?

What the hell? I would have given up my first born child if someone told me this would win. This was the huge upset of the night, like when Crash won for Best Picture last year leaving Jake and Heath with all those nightmares of making out for nothing. This was shocking.

Adapted Screenplay
My Prediction: The Departed

Actual Winner: The Departed

I knew this was the favorite for Best Picture so it was pretty easy to pick it for this category as well. We could slowly start to see that maybe tonight would be the night that Marty would bring it on home.

Original Screenplay
My Prediction: Little Miss Sunshine

Actual Winner: Little Miss Sunshine

This was the happiest I was all night. This was my favorite movie of the Oscar year. There was a great feel good story involving writer Michael Arndt. And in my opinion this movie just deserved to win. Remember when Ellen was talking about diversity and mentioned Stevie C, he’s hilarious.

Supporting Actress
My Prediction: Jennifer Hudson

Actual Winner: Jennifer Hudson

I think this was one of the locks of the night. There was a ton of buzz around her including her win at the Golden Globes, she was the clear cut favorite coming in. Her chest was screaming to be set free all night. I actually feel happy for her after her loss on American Idol.

Supporting Actor
My Prediction: Eddie Murphy

Actual Winner: Alan Arkin

My most depressing moment of the night mixed with a great moment. The reason I was depressed is because I wanted Alan Arkin to win, I thought he would win but I just chose Eddie Murphy for no reason. I still to this moment have no recollection or reason why I went with him. It made no sense then and makes no sense now, this one will haunt me until next year.

Leading Actress
My Prediction: Helen Mirren

Actual Winner: Helen Mirren

The 100% lock of the century. There was really no anticipation around this category, it was her award from the beginning. I did not see The Queen but I didn’t really have to, if you are a human being you knew that Mirren was going to win this award. She had a phenomenal year with awards between this and Elizabeth I. Congratulations to her on a wonderful job of acting this year. She is also smoking hot.

Best Actor
My Prediction: Forest Whitaker

Actual Winner: Forest Whitaker

I was with this from the beginning after hearing about the lengths he went to just to master this part. Learning a whole language to master an accent, that is just dedication to a part. I believe he was definitely the favorite but Peter O’Toole had a chance of sneaking in there. I don’t think Ryan Gosling really had a chance but he was great as Alan in Remember the Titans.

My Prediction: The Departed

Actual Winner: The Departed

Scorsese won? It was about time. How did this man not win at least once before this with such great movies like Raging Bull. Also who wouldn’t want to accept an Oscar from Spielberg, Lucas, and Coppola? I’d give up all my worldly possessions to be around them for one minute. Marty deserved this and I wouldn’t be surprised if he tacked on another Oscar to his resume before he dies.

Best Picture
My Prediction: Little Miss Sunshine

Actual Winner: The Departed

After hearing a bald Jack Nicholson announce this winner it seemed so obvious to me that I couldn’ t understand why I didn’t pick it. I think I didn’t want to have a repeat of last year where I wanted Crash to win but chose Brokeback Mountain only to be left looking red in the face. Two years in a row I haven’t hit on the Best Picture because I went the opposite way. Maybe The Departed was the better movie but I really enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine more than any other movie this year, this was the equal of a homer pick in sports.

That was the big show. Hopefully I can improve next year.