I know, many of you readers look forward to coming on here day after day and seeing my witty, often unmatched analysis of certain TV shows.  Well, I have the flu.  You might be wondering, “Can’t you watch TV with the flu?”  Of course I can, and I am right now (Friday Night Lights, actually).  The problem is, I can’t write about TV when I have the flu.  It just takes too much energy.  I plan on falling asleep after Lost tonight; that’s 11 pm EST.  So instead, I’ll let any of my other fellow bloggers take the helm and write what they want, and when I feel better I’ll do a wrap up of this week.  Hopefully the time in bed will do well to help me cultivate some ideas for this thing that are more interesting than TV reviews!  Thank you all for your robust, unwavering support during this rough time.