Yeah, that shirt definitely says “Posada is a little BITCH” on it. Simmons is so cool, man…well, it did, until the picture stopped showing up. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.

I still read Bill Simmons’ columns, even though the crowd has me checking for every writing/character flaw he may reveal with even the seemingly smallest comment. Honestly, I still even look forward to reading his material whenever he comes out with something new. That said, one joke in his latest entry is so hackneyed – so cliched – that it can’t go without a mention.

The offending passage is as follows: “That delicate balance was the premise of David Halberstam’s watershed sports book ‘The Breaks of the Game,’ which was published 25 years ago, back when MJ was playing for Carolina and Michael Jackson was on his second nose.

WEAK. ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY WEAK, Billy. This could hardly be more played out. Plenty of jokes have been made on this subject; let’s get some new material. Either that, or next week he’ll be making jokes about airline food.

As Simmons himself would say, “warrants mentioning.”