Good readers of this website, I’ve just received a crudely handwritten note in the form of a jpg email attachment. The body of the email reads:

Thomas; how fares your family this Lenten season? Please tell the readers that I have emailed you this jpg image file, containing a photo of a handwritten note. Please, transcribe it for our readers so they may hear what I say in that note. Yours,

Glenn R.D.

I opened the jpg file in, and then typed it here to the best of my ability:

Readers; Regarding the lack of posting by me: I spent the majority of last week sitting bedside while Thomas laid with a mercury thermometer in mouth and old timey ice bag on his head. I warmed his feet and spoon-fed him a home flu remedy made from ginger root and canola oil. In my infinite caring, I may have spent a few too many hours applying Vicks vaporub to his sleeping chest. I fast began feeling unwell, and I was advised by my personal care physician Dr. Edwin L. MacGruenelle to check myself into the local hospital. Sadly, after the days I spent rubbing and tending to Thomas, he has still not visited me in the hospital. Dear reader, I implore you, tell Thomas to come visit me, else I fear I shall never again write for this blog, as the influenza has claimed my wrists and is quickly spreading down my main fingers. Yours in blogsmanship,

Glenn R.D.

Alright, I did not read that as I typed it, but I hope it was good. Hopefully Glenn told you all that he is feeling great and will write something good for this blog every day. I know he spent a lot of time with me while I was sick, and I paid him back by letting him tell people we were friends. Hopefully all is well with him and his? I can’t deal with everyone on this blog constantly being so sick.