I was just watching the Yankees-Tigers preseason game and I heard one of the announcers (I think it was Steve Philips, a beacon of correctness) say something interesting, along these lines:

One thing they are confident about is that Roger Clemens will be pitching come opening day. They don’t know where yet, but he has shown up every day at Astros camp, wearing an Astros jersey, instructing minor leaguers, so it seems to me he thinks he’s going to be an Astro.

Seriously? Roger Clemens is just showing up at Astros camp wearing a jersey he “forgot” to give back, telling minor leaguers what to do? That is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. It is also the most frightening thing I have ever heard. I wouldn’t tell him to go home, would you?

Also, the game ended with a walk-off homerun by Yankees RF Bronson Sardinha. Who is that, you ask? It doesn’t matter. He does have a slight possibility in NY because their outfielders drop faster than Tyler Hansbrough, but don’t expect him to be the next great Yankee. That is, unless you were listening to Gary Thorne, who seems to think that he is guaranteed a spot now because The Boss was present at the game. Do you honestly think Steinbrenner watches a preseason game in the ninth inning, Gary? You don’t think he’s been playing Cooking Mama on his DS since Igawa came out 7.1 innings ago?