Sunday March 4th became a day in my life that I won’t soon forget as two of the things I’ve waited for in the world of sports made a return. The second will be a surprise once you click on the link but the first one was my St. John’s Red Storm finally making a return to the big east tournament. They had already clinched before yesterday but their big win over Providence gave them the 11 seed in the tournament that has evaded them since 2003. Amidst the prostitutes and cell phone recordings of graphic sex there was little good to find with team, then Norm Roberts came along.

Coming off of an Elite 8 appearance in 1999 and the Big East Tournament win in 2000 the future was bright in St. Johns. Unfortunately things didn’t sky rocket. Sure they won the NIT a few years later, lead by hero Marcus Hatten, but it should have been more. The school went on probation and things spiraled downward. After three straight years of not even making the conference tournament St. Johns emerged this year under the tutelage of Norm Roberts who has brought St. Johns back to college basketball. In the coming years I expect St. Johns to be a major player in the NCAA tournament. Norm Roberts was the right man for the job.

Another man returned last night, a man who seldom made appearances. A favorite to us all.


Kenny Mayne, out of nowhere, made his return to SportsCenter last night for the first time at least a couple years. His hiatus from the desk can only be described a trying experience for all involved. We waited anxiously each and every day for Kenny to return, but he chose to disappoint us instead. Sure he had the funniest moment of every NFL Countdown with his Mayne Event, and sure he covered every horse race on the planet but we wanted more. Kenny Mayne was the face of SportsCenter for such a long time, and SportsCenter was the face of the network. This made Kenny Mayne the face of ESPN. Nobody knows for sure the reason why he chose not to do SportsCenter for such a long time, let’s just hope it wasn’t cancer because that would be tragic.