Tonight, the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team defeated the #2 UConn Huskies 55-47 to win their first-ever Big East title. We here at 41MTF (especially Glenn and I, who currently reside on-campus here at Rutgers) would like to extend a congratulations to our Scarlet Knights, coach C. Vivian Stringer, and give a big “Take that, you stupid prick!” to UConn coach and New Jersey hater Gino Auriemma. If you aren’t familiar with his hatred of my school and state, here’s a sample:

“Very few things that come out of their mouths can be printed because most of it you can’t understand, only two or three words of it. They have trouble putting sentences together. Everybody loves me except those people. So to go into an arena where everybody hates you, that’s so unusual for me. I just think that they’re rabid fans. They hate everything about us because we’re what they want to be. So I can understand it. Hey, I have a home in New Jersey [on the shore]…. I wouldn’t want to live there full-time.”

So shut your mouth you incredibly arrogant douche, because tonight we are what you want to be; Big East Champions. I know, it’s just women’s basketball, and the game was actually more boring than exciting. But it’s still nice to have your school get a little recognition and see some classmates succeed, especially when you realize that our storied women’s program has never before won a title. We wish them luck in the upcoming NCAA Tournament! Not that we’ll really be paying attention since it’s the same time as the men’s one, but I’m sure we’ll check out as much as we can. No, Kia Vaughn, keep reading! I’m sorry, I promise I’ll watch you! Please, don’t hit me.