According to this article, which I did not find while browsing, “Starting tomorrow night, four top schools—Arizona, Florida, Ohio State, and Syracuse—will don Nike’s System of Dress.” Pictured above, Nike’s System of Dress jerseys are skin-tight basketball uniforms coupled with loose-fitting shorts that, apparently, “Create a dramatic new silhouette for the game of basketball.” They look completely ridiculous, don’t they? Maybe I’m being old fashioned, but I feel like basketball jerseys should be loose fitting. Then again, if I really wanted to be really old fashioned, I would say that all basketball players should wear tiny shorts, and I certainly do not wish that on the first 5 rows of any arena. But can’t we find a marriage of old and new styles without completely revamping the way basketball players look on a court? Small steps are important for general acceptance of any change like this, a total revamping will cause a public outcry.

Also, as of right now, only 4 teams have adopted this style. The article states that they will begin wearing them tomorrow night, so does that mean we get to see these throughout conference tourneys and the NCAA’s? It will be strange, this is the first time I can remember where two competing teams wore totally different style uniforms. I guess if we suddenly see an Arizona-Florida-Ohio State-Syracuse Final Four, we’ll know that designer Hans George is on to something.