I realized shortly after writing the previous post about The Black Donnellys that NBC is using yet another interesting online tactic with Andy Barker, P.I. that I forgot to mention. For those who don’t know, Andy Barker, P.I. is a comedy produced by Conan O’Brien starring Andy Richter as an accountant who stumbles into the private eye business by accident. It premiers next Thursday, March 15 on NBC at 9:30, and I know all of us Andy Richter Controls The Universe fans have high hopes for the show (anything has to be better than Quintuplets). But if you can’t wait for a week, and then for 5 weeks after that, NBC is offering you an alternative. You can currently see all 6 episodes on their website. They currently plan on airing 5 of the episodes on NBC and making one an online exclusive, much like The Black Donnellys did. But this is the first time I’ve ever seen a show put its entire run on the internet before it even gets a chance to fail on TV. Are they doing this because they really believe in their online system, or because they want to offer fans the chance to see all 6 episodes before it goes off the air? No matter the reason, if you like Andy Richter, Tony Hale, and a moderately silly sitcom with a few good laughs, check out this site. Support the show, give the online video some views.