All of us men in this world, at some point or another, have wondered the age old question…does size matter?  According to a recent Quizno’s commercial, yes it does.  The new commercial for the Quizno’s Prime Rib on Garlic Bread takes the old formula of getting reactions from people on the street.  One Asian woman says something along the lines of “It has more meat…and that’s what a woman really wants.”  Not only is this extrememly sexually suggestive but to all those men who have less meat it just downright hurts our pride.  Some of us have lived under the dillusional notion that women didn’t care about size, that maybe the good heart of a woman could look past a man lacking in that department.  We were badly mistaken.  As the spokesperson for all women, this lady in the Quizno’s commercial makes it clear that size matters.  A real woman wants more meat.  Maybe I should try and date women who like Subway, although half of them enjoy more meat, the other half would go with less filling.  That’s where I come in.