NBC is currently running an online competition-type thing, where users can send in a video of themselves explaining their theory for any number of questions Heroes viewers might be pondering (Who will die next, how do you think the season will end, etc). Well, I was just sitting up at 4 am watching Rugrats (SPRING BREAK!) and Drew Pickles, Angelica’s dad, was featured prominently in the episode. As he sat with Angelica on her bed, I knew I had seen that image before. I thought for a moment and it came to me; Drew Pickles is Mr. Bennet! Some call him HRG, short for Horn-Rimmed Glasses, and some know him as Claire’s dad. But this “paper salesman” is actually a cartoon character from the 90’s! Of course, this startling discovery would blow the minds of Heroes fans everywhere, if only I could submit it in video form to NBC.com. The consequences of this revelation could be startling. Since Drew is Angelica’s dad and HRG is Claire’s dad, does that mean Angelica and Claire are sisters? My early theory of them being the same person was quickly squashed when I saw on Angelica’s Wikipedia entry that she was born in 1988, making her 19 today. Claire Bennet is only 15. But there is no doubt in my mind, Drew Pickles IS Mr. Bennet. This incredible discovery opens up worlds of possibility for the way this season could end; anyone thought of the possibility of a Reptar attack? Spread the word… I solved Heroes!