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What a charming lad that Bobby Knight is. Today, he didn’t seem to care quite enough to do something like this.

One, I would like to say, with half of the first day of the NCAAs complete, Tom and myself are both working on perfect records. No real upsets, although I wouldn’t have imagined Vanderbilt winning by 33 points (and if that’s the biggest surprise of the tourney we get, it’s going to be a long couple weeks). The only two good things about Boston College winning were 1) causing Knight to lose and 2) I picked BC.

(Warning: Bill Simmons says almost the exact same thing as this during his running diary, but I’m not stealing this from him – I thought the same thing as I watched, because it was impossible to NOT think this as you watched) During one of the games, CBS ran a promo for their evening news show, with the announcer noting that one of the main features of tonight’s edition would be a feature about how exercise can reduce the risk of serious illness. This should make for a stirring follow-up on last night’s piece about how hurtling oneself off of skyscrapers puts one at greatly increased risk of serious injury. The whole thing didn’t make me feel guilty about never really watching the news on TV.

Another side note is that the entire day was somewhat overshadowed for me by Rutgers football picking up their first verbal commitment for the 2008 high school class (Rashad White from Teaneck, NJ). Yeah, that’s right, I was more excited about a kid three years behind me in graduation year than to see one of the biggest sporting events of the year (which, mind you, I also still looked forward to). And once RU spring practice starts, you won’t hear the end of it from me.

Trombone Dixie will make its triumphant return, but I’m not totally sure when yet.

Oh, and I hate Duke and Marquette both. BYU and Gonzaga, you suck too.