Tonight, on Pool Update: Glenn continues his domination, Tom marries a Haitian in a Dateline dramatization, writing this post is basically blogger masturbation, and is Pete’s bracket an abomination? More after this!

The second round of the NCAA Tournament is over, and that could mean only one thing: It’s bracket time! (Cue pool update theme song… or is it queue?) The standings have not changed since last round, with Glenn extending his lead over Tom from 1 to 3 and his lead over Pete from 2 to 8. But there is more basketball to be played, so let’s see how intact everyone’s remaining picks are. Here are the elite 8 teams we picked that have been ousted already:

Glenn: Wisconsin, Texas

Tom: Texas

Pete: Notre Dame, Louisville

And here are the final four teams that have been removed:

Glenn: Wisconsin

So there you have it, readers. The first two rounds do not a tournament make, so there certainly is no clear winner yet. The point value for each win goes up as the tournament progresses, so a clever pick or two and Pete could pass all of us easily in the coming rounds. Glenn’s strong early showing could prove worthless if the rest of his picks don’t pan out. I know Thursday could not be further away, and going through these next 3 full days with nothing but NIT and the women’s tournament feels like a fate worse than death, but just close your eyes and try to get some sleep. Maybe when you wake up it will be time again to watch men throw an orange ball through a ring!