I watched How I Met Your Mother tonight while eating a sandwich and reading some recent stuff on firejoemorgan.com, so I can’t really go as in-depth as I’d like to.  Ted tried moving in with Robin as a result of that wackiness at the end of this episode, and they found they weren’t quite compatible as roomies.  Predictable, but very well done.  Slowly, it was revealed that Robin was not yet prepared to let Ted change certain things about her apartment to make it more comfortable and home-y for him.  Barney, in a hilarious part of the show that was partially ruined by the 300 commercials I saw during my 2 straight days of watching CBS, convinces Ted that he is also not ready for a move-in.  Marshall and Lily discovered they can’t live in a house without Ted, in another hilarious but partially ruined segment.  Of course, the impending breakup of Robin and Ted took another step forward tonight, with the revelation that they’re not close enough to live together.  A funny episode that won’t go down as anyone’s favorite of the season or anything, but will be enjoyed and remembered upon a second viewing.  I might post some favorite moments later, but I’m drawing a blank now.  If you had any quotes/jokes that you liked, put them in the comments.