Stop reading this post right now and look above these words and look at the picture.  See all those familiar faces?  There is our old buddy Matt over there, look how cute Claire is, Jessica is scaring me.  OK, she really isn’t, but she could be, maybe.  The sad part is that I’ve fallen in love with Heroes so much that it seems like forever since the last episode has aired, when in reality is has only been a few weeks.  Sure ‘The Black Donnellys’ have been there to hold things down for awhile but can only last so long.  I’m going to need my weekly dose of Heroes.  The reason me and the rest of the world love this show is that it is unlike any other show on television.  Not only are the people in the show mutants with different special powers but it has done a pretty successful job of giving each and every character a personality that we believe.  With so many people to account for the writers seem to handle the pressure.  This was a worthless post indeed, I just needed to let the Heroes cast know that I have not forgotten about them.  Here’s to you Zachary Quinto.