I’m writing this during the show, because American Idol fans already know that this week, Sanjaya has not been voted off the show. HOW? They called 3 names to stand up (Gina, Sanjaya, and one more), and from the look on Gina’s and Sanjaya’s face you could tell they thought they were the bottom 3. I know I did. But by some miracle, some power greater than anything we can comprehend as human beings, Seacrest announced “You are… not the bottom 3.” The looks of shock among the 3 and their fellow contestants echoed the scream I let out at my TV. Sanjaya is possibly the most well-publicized Idol contestant this year simply because he is atrocious and by some freak occurance stays on the show week after week. Could it be that the people over at votefortheworst.com actually have that strong a following? I can’t imagine that’s the case, an incredible number of people vote for American Idol, even a little prank like VFTW couldn’t have that serious of an effect on the results. So what the hell, people? Let’s grow up and stop leading this kid down what is clearly a dead-end road built by people who feel so bad for the judicial beating he takes each week that they call in to protect his poor, 16 year old feelings. Get Sanjaya Malakar off American Idol before his very presence poisons the entire show.

By the way, Stephanie Edwards got kicked off tonight. Ehh… no big loss. But by the Nickleback they’re playing over this montage, I’d think I’m watching footage of the last dance at some Canadian prom. God, these AI producers know how to wrench some tears out of us with montages set to mass-appeal semi-rock.