I know you, reader. I know what you like. You enjoy the finer things in life! When you ask for wine, you always request (some rich guy wine… I’ll say ’76 Garamonte, I think that sounds real). You drive cars that have heating beneath your buttocks. And when you watch a live camera feed of someone online, you want to make sure you see every second of his life! Well, that’s where Justin.tv comes in. I found out about it on Tasty Blog Snack (a new favorite of mine, run by the most beautiful Mac geek I’ve ever seen in my life). From Justin.tv, “Justin wears the camera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even in the bathroom. Even on a date.” He’s a young guy living in San Fransisco, as far as I can tell, and he honestly wears a camera attached to his hat all day long. You just sit there… watching him live. Everything he does, everything he says, it’s all real. You can call him at any time, his phone number is right on the site. At the moment, he’s trying to get to Wired headquarters for an interview with the founders of Reddit, but they seem to be lost. Earlier, a G4 camera crew was following him around his house, filming stuff for a segment they’re going to do on him. As of right now, according to the site, he’s been doing this for 4 days, 15 hours, and 22 minutes, and 418 people are currently watching. Is it sad that I’ve been watching him live his life for about an hour now instead of just living my own? Perhaps. But I think this is a fascinatingly creepy, uncensored look into the life of a budding internet phenomenon. The coolest part about all of this is we can actually witness the rise and fall of a flavor of the week, see what it’s actually like to have 15 minutes fame. Also, we can watch him pee!

Justin.tv – Check it out