There is my man Greg Oden.  Rarely does a sure-thing NBA prospect like him come along.  Last night in the victory over Tennessee, Oden didn’t exactly have the greatest game of his career as he was battling foul trouble all night.  He did though, happen to make the biggest play of the entire game.  With Ohio State clutching to a 1 point lead as time evaporated Oden made the block you see above, sending Ohio St. into the Elite 8 and a match up with Memphis, the team who was supposed to go this far but no one thought would.  With another thrilling comeback, I ask myself a question.  Is it ever possible for Ohio St. to lose a game or not?  I believe that they simply can not lose.

Trailing Xavier by double digits with around 3 minutes to play, the Buckeyes made a comeback for the ages.  Just to clear the air, Oden’s foul should not have been an intentional foul, let them play.  The game shouldn’t end on a call like that.  Great job.  Anyway, Ohio St. came back and won that game in overtime, leading to the match up with Tennessee.  Then last night, they trailed by 17 at halftime and in the second half they didn’t waste a second erasing that lead.  Ohio St. literally can not lose.  In the next game I’m almost sure they will be losing to Mempis by at least 30 points.  Maybe 40 points in the final 4, and just to put on a show they might succumb to a 100 point deficit before putting on their game faces and capturing a national title.  They might be a team of destiny, they might not.  There is one thing for sure, if you have a team beating Thad Matta’s Ohio St. Buckeyes, just know that no lead is safe.