With a huge 64-45 win over 3 seed Arizona State having just wrapped up in Greensboro, the Rutgers Lady Knights… oh, I’m sorry… the Women’s Scarlet Knights have earned their second-ever Final Four berth. Starting off the season 2-4 and losing home games to Duke and UConn by 40 and 26 (respectively) during the regular season, it appeared to Rutgers fans that their sometimes-beloved, oft-exceptional Women basketballers might have finally hit a rut. But after the awful loss to UConn, the Big East Tournament started. And since then, the Rutgers women have gone 7-0, beating 5 ranked opponents in that time, including #1 and #2 in the nation. To be more specific, they beat the two teams that had embarrassed them just a month or two earlier in their own home. Now, our girls have earned their way—through inspiring athleticism, discipline, and defense—into the Final Four on April 1 in Cleveland. So to my fellow Rutgers students, alumni, basketball fans, and various bandwagon jumpers, show your support any way you know how! Let’s go RU!