Ever wonder what you look like?  Do you ever need a quick and easy way to see yourself?  Do you ever just want to admire the beauty that is you?  If you answered yes to any or all of these questions than you could use a mirror.  It is wrong to accuse these wonderful objects of being evil.  They are nothing but fun.  When you laugh with a mirror, the mirror laughs with you.  When you cry with a mirror, the mirror cries with you.  Who else would you go to in the morning to do your hair or shave?  Where else can you go to flex your muscles and think that your big?  Theres no person who you feel more comfortable with than the man in the mirror.  Every day he sees you naked, and you see him naked.  And even on your worst days its alright.  Sometimes he disgusts you, and you disgust him.  But in the long run the mirror will always be there for you.