Tonight’s bottom three:

Phil Stacey, Haley Scarnato, and Chris Sligh. (I disagree with Phil this week, but he’s not great)

And the one going home tonight is… Chris Sligh. He was funny while he lasted, and sang a couple of alright tunes. But his voice was just up to the level of the others, and it was an appropriate choice this week. Well… second most appropriate, of course,

But what is more important, of course, is that Sanjaya (pictured here with pathetically uncool hair) is NOT going home for another week. What started off as a cute joke has evolved into a last-season Stewie Griffin bit; the funniness wore of a while ago and you can’t believe they haven’t ended it yet. I never considered this before in my life, but… should I vote? Should I do my part to counteract the VoteForTheWorst/Howard Stern crowd and bring some legitimacy back to the program? Then again, it’s a reality show; can you really trivialize a show where they decide the next great singer by counting $1 text messages? I guess if the joke goes on for another 2 weeks, I’ll take action. Otherwise, let them have their fun. It’s like Simon said, there is really nothing he or anyone can say anymore to plead their case for sending that kid home. When it happens, it happens.