When you think Glenn Davis you think power. You think fortune. You think super model. Rightly so. Glenn has showed America what it means to be famous. It wasn’t always this way though. Glenn’s arrival at the 41MilesToFreedom blog had it’s ups and downs, a rocky road of catastrophic events. A wicked tale of love won and lost. His life has been a constant struggle, drugs and alcohol couldn’t sugarcoat the pain hid inside. He was a tortured soul. Deep down inside he knew that someday he would have to get things together and get rid of the dangerous life he led.

Glenn Davis was born in the 80’s but no one knows the exact date for sure but modern science has narrowed it down to the late 80’s.  Possibly during a leap year.  Nobody knows for sure.  As a young boy Glenn’s sports knowledge was incomparable.  Not only did he know Babe Ruth’s real name but he knew his jersey number.  Remember the little boy that ol Georgie hit the two home runs for?  That was Glenn.  After such an incident you’d think that Babe Ruth would be Glenn’s all time hero, you’d be wrong.  That great honor went to Bobby Bonilla.  Glenn was always a huge fan of Bonilla’s, dating all the way back to his early days with the Pirates.  It wasn’t until he joined the Mets that Glenn’s love for the man bloomed.  Mr. Davis was fine with sports but thought he’d try his hand at acting.

After nearly landing the part of Ray Charles in the movie Ray he was depressed he hadn’t gotten the part.  He thought long and hard about which role would be right for him.  After failing once again to get a lead part, this time Jamie Kennedy’s role in Malibu’s Most Wanted, he decided he should move on to big game hunting.  That wasn’t for him either.  Then he got his break.

Glenn got great praise for his and Edgar Allen Poe’s collaborative effort “The Raven”  After it topped the New York Times best sellers list for 3 years in a row Glenn had skyrocketed to fame.  That, combined with his vigorous workout routine resulted in a rock hard flawless being.  The man had no faults.  When Glenn had reached the top there was no other place to go……but down.

Cocaine quickly became his best friend.  Then Crystal Meth joined the gang and they became one kickass trio.  Or at least he thought.  After being arrested on charges of soliciting a prostitute, a male prostitute.  Disgusting?  Yes.  Desperate?  Even more so.  Sad?  Yes.  Sexy?  No.  This was rock bottom, Glenn looked to the skies for a savior and found one in the form of a red headed young man who’d he known since birth.  The hero, Tommy, told Glenn about a blog he had just started.  41MilestoFreedom, the name of the song Glenn’s mother used to sing him as a child.  This was fate.  Glenn joined the blog and is now doing alright.  While he hasn’t exactly kicked his drug habit completely he is trying.  And you can’t blame a man for trying.