Baseball season is underway, and along with it is a potentially amazing human interest story that has nothing to do with a physically disadvantaged person overcoming height limitations to become the darling of archaic sportswriters nationwide. I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard anything about this until now, but after hearing it, I know I can’t help but feel good and hope it continues. The story I’m talking about is the one involving former #1 draft pick Josh Hamilton.

There have already been several articles about his potential resurgence¬† (here and here, for example), so I won’t really go into detail about his saga, but just know that it was bad, and then worse, and then it hit rock bottom…and then it somehow got even worse from there. He has really climbed out of Strawberryan depths to currently be on the Cincinnati Reds roster, and if he makes the most of his potential (and everyone thought he was going to be a superstar when he first got drafted), you honestly may well see an inspirational sports movie in the Rudy vein detailing his story.

Of course, one game into the season (a game in which he had one at-bat, when he lined out) is pretty early to rush to judgment. the best thing to hope for now is that he doesn’t fall off the wagon and continues to get himself back to where everyone pictured him in the late ’90s. To me, seeing if he can do this will be one of the most interesting parts of this season.