Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I got a new job and I’ve been pretty busy lately but I’m making a dedicated effort to post daily now. I figured I should keep my fellow bloggers, as well as our overwhelming audience updated on my softball career because all of you care so much. Anyway I’m on two teams this year, one is in Milltown and the other one is in Old Bridge. The Milltown league starts later this month with games being played on either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday nights. The Old Bridge league is double headers every Sunday at either 9 or 11 am. Softball has become a big part of my life over the last year, it is an extremely fun sport to play and I invite my fellow bloggers to come watch my games whenever they can, I know Tom has viewed a few of my games and I hope he enjoyed them. It is always good to have fans. Anyway, the Old Bridge league kicked off yesterday morning with our team playing a double header at 9am.

This Old Bridge is a very competitive 20 team league compared to the lack luster 6 team Milltown league. This past fall we compiled an All Star team from the two Milltown teams with all of our friends. Trav’s team, the Rangers combined with Bodus’ team sponsored by Crabiel to form the team we play in Old Bridge with. Last season was our first time playing against such good competition and we really didn’t get things going until late in the season. The playoffs broke down like this: the top three teams in each division qualified for the A playoffs, the good ones. The next three teams in each division qualified for the B playoffs. The best of the rest as I like to affectionately refer to them. After a disappointing start we ended up winning the B playoffs, an impressive feat but not up to the level we’d hoped to play. Put it this way, in the semi finals and finals of the B playoffs we outscored our opponents somewhere in the neighborhood 62-18. We dominated and were looking for that kind of effort coming into this spring, which leads to yesterdays opening day.

We all showed up to the field around 8:50 for a 9am start against the Mothers, a team that has been in the league for many years, they are not made up of soccer moms either they are legit grown men. We didn’t know how we would fare after such a long off season of basically doing nothing except sitting around and being lazy worthless human beings. It showed in the first couple innings. After two we fell behind 6-0. We were all questioning why we were even playing softball if this is how we were going to play. It took us a few innings to take off but eventually we got things going. Joe Smith hit a clutch homerun to bring us within 1 and later on in the inning I drove in the tying run. A few innings later we found ourselves with a comfortable 7 run lead. We gave up a few cheap runs late but eventually won the game by 4. It was a pretty solid showing for the returning B champions. There was still another game to be played.

I can’t quite remember many details of the second game but we were firing on all cylinders. The mercy rule in this league is 20 runs after 4 and 12 after 5. We were winning by 11 after 5 and we couldn’t quite get that last run for the mercy win but we ended up winning by 11. This was a very good first week for us, we have the reputation around the league of a dangerous team. We aren’t quite in the upper echelon of the league yet but this is only our second season. Teams do fear us though because we can beat anyone on any given day. Next week we don’t have games because of Easter but in two weeks we will be taking on a nationally ranked team, so it should be interesting. Until next time, this is your friend.

My stat line: 5-9, 4 singles, 1 double

Peter “his friends call him a hell of a guy” Duffy