Blah blah blah, Florida won, greatest team ever, all that stuff. Now that the formalities are out of the way, I need to ask you, reader, a question about the following photo:

What? What the hell? What could they possibly have been thinking over at CBS? “Hey, is that old man Packer still here? He is? Well hell, Chuck, give him a mic! No, don’t turn it on, we’ll end up with that weird screechy effect. Just turn on Nantz’s and we’ll let him pretend he’s contributing to his 100th consecutive post-game or whatever it is. Make sure he’s got the suit on too, he looks so cute in it. Oh, and make sure he doesn’t interview Noah… he might die right on the spot.”

Speaking of that… what is wrong with Joakim Noah? I understand that during the tournament, he is never satisfied after a game, saying that they aren’t happy until they win it all. Well tonight, they won it all. Then while being interviewed, Noah told Jim Nantz, “…[con]fidence, you know what I’m saying?  So… Yeah we gon’ do it BIG, all day, all night, do it huge, you guys have no idea what I’m talkin’ bout when I’m sayin’ dat, but, but but, but, my boys know! Da Gator Boys know what I’m talkin’ bout!  Gainesville know what I’m talkin’ bout!”  Does Joakim Noah know that he won? Is he aware that the season is over, and the team will soon dismantle? Perhaps he thinks that the winning team gets to play in another, super-secret tournament where he can win the UltraChampionship.  I may not be a College Hoops Insider, but I’m fairly certain that this Florida team will never play another game again with this roster. So, I think it’s time Billy Donovan sits down with Noah and explains to him that they’ve won the championship twice now, and he doesn’t need to continue to get in our collective face and taunt us.