Let me start by saying, Sanjaya is still on the show. Not even in the bottom 3.  Remember how I said the joke had gone on too long last week?  Well, I’m starting to think it’s funny again.

Tonight’s bottom 3: Phil, Gina, and Haley.  And the person going home tonight is…

Gina Glocksen!
Not that big of a deal.  I’m actually writing this part of the paragraph before I knew who got kicked off, that’s just how small a deal it is.  All 3 of them deserve to go home in the next 2-3 weeks anyway, losing them should not take away from the show by any means.  Gina was never a terrible singer, probably the best of the bottom 3 tonight.  I’d have sent home Haley.  But Gina’s send-off was the most emotional I’ve seen in a while.  Not that I was sad, but everyone else sure was.  I thought it was a sick joke that her montage ended with a clip of her screaming “I just don’t want to go home!” And it was pretty funny watching her mom blubbering in the audience.  Perhaps AI has made me cynical, but I get a perverse joy watching these people’s hearts break every week.