I’m editing the opening paragraph of this post because I think it’s content is getting readers a little too excited and giving them the wrong opinion of our feelings here at 41MilesToFreedom.  The shock nature of my title for the post was used because I intended to show that if he can make offensive, over-the-top undeserved claims about people he doesn’t know, so can I.  My personal opinion is that Imus said something disgustingly offensive to some great young women and should be punished for his actions.  Keep reading for more.

Today on the ‘Imus in the Morning’ radio show, while talking to Sid Rosenburg, Don Imus was discussing the women’s NCAA Championship game in which my beloved and extremely talented Scarlet Knights were beaten by the Tennessee Lady Vols.

from wnbc.com: “Imus started out talking about the Rutgers team as, ‘some rough girls from Rutgers. They got tattoos,’ and then went on to call them ‘some nappy-headed hos.’

He compared them to the Tennessee team, saying ‘The girls from Tennessee — they all looked cute.’

The conversation then went on to compare the game to ‘the jigaboos versus the wannabes.’ Media Matters reported that the show’s executive producer, Bernard McGuirk, made that comment.”

So there you have it: not only is Don Imus completely ignorant, but he’s a racist and he’s genuinely unfunny. Don Imus called a group of student athletes age 18-21 “some nappy-headed hos.” Quite honestly, I’m at a loss for words. I’ve been staring at that sentence for about 5 minutes now, speechless. I’ll admit, I’m biased because I’m a Rutgers student, a fan of the team, and someone who has always found Don Imus to be painfully unfunny. But I’m also a white person, and I found Imus’s comments to be not just insensitive but racist. I think what he said is appalling, especially since it was said about a group of girls who have done NOTHING to warrant a comment like that except be almost exclusively black. Rutgers is not an ugly team, and they’re not a team of thugs. They play very clean basketball and are well-spoken, well-presented young women. Seriously, I hate to sound preachy here, but he is just plain wrong. Just wrong, stupid, and not even funny.

I have to share a story that happened to me a few days ago. I love the Rutgers women’s basketball team, but even I make fun of some players for various reasons. Never anything serious, but when you go to school with the players its fun to treat them like your peers and make fun of them (see: Jeremy Ito, butt of every joke I make from August-December). Well, the day after the Championship game, less than 24 hours after being on the court in the Final game of the NCAA Tournament, Kia Vaughn was back in my class. Seriously, think about that; 23 hours before, she was on the court in Cleveland. Now here I was, sitting at the end of my row, and she sits down in the seat directly in front of me and takes out her notebook. I’ve always cracked jokes about Kia Vaughn for being huge, that’s why I started this paragraph the way I did. But for her to have just gone through losing the national championship and in under 1 day traveled halfway across the country and came to Media Systems class to take notes like the rest of us shows just what an incredible thing these girls do. Of course, I congratulated her and told her how great the team did, and her thank you was so heartfelt and genuine that I officially swore off ever making a joke about her again. The woman who I assume Imus was referring to was, in fact, a very sweet young woman. And she is by no means ugly or nappy-headed. Rutgers had a truly remarkable run through the Big East and NCAA Tournaments, and one day after suffering the biggest heartbreak in their lives, they were back on campus, going to class like every other student. I know, it’s something thousands of student athletes do every year. But to really witness it first-hand, especially with a game of this magnitude, put it into a new light for me. These are completely normal girls who did an extraordinary thing and, for no legitimate reason, were the butt of an ugly, tasteless, humorless comment by a stale, outdated radio personality.