There’s been an awful lot said about the Don Imus fiasco on this site, so I’ll keep it pretty relatively (somewhat) short. Obviously, he went over the line. The group he insulted never did anything to him (or anyone else, for that matter), and have continued to not say anything bad about him even AFTER the remarks were made. For that reason, they were totally unwarranted comments in the first place.

That said, I was actually somewhat surprised any action was taken at all. I did not figure on this becoming such a huge story. I’m not sorry to see Imus receive some punishment, but I won’t call for his head, either – rather, I’m just going to look at it as proof that action indeed can be taken (even on some public figures who carry a significant amount of clout) if there is enough of an uproar. Finally, I do not believe that Imus’ apology was truly genuine (as in, there wouldn’t have been one if there hadn’t been an outcry against him), and I also do not believe he should be sporting that cowboy hat too often in the near future, since I don’t imagine wearing that thing will soften his “racist redneck” image.

On a totally different note, keep reading to see some borderline life-ruining Charlie Brown action.

(Edit) Here’s today’s strip, from

…Ha ha ha! Get it? He hates his entire life! There is no place — not one — where he can take solace! The world is a gigantic pit of misery, with no escape! Ha ha! He has no one to comfort him, since other kids make fun of him for no reason and no adult in the history of Peanuts ever said an audible word, much less offered him encouragement! He has no apparent skills, except for being the saddest human to ever walk the earth and not take his/her own life! He has never felt comfortable in any situation, and never will! Ha ha! This is comic genius!