I feel I must write about this issue instead of just leaving comments on Tom’s post. If you look back at my comments you can clearly see that I have not once defended the statement he made. I just truly believe he was joking when he said what he did and in no way meant it. To call him a ‘racist no-talent scumbag’ is just a complete overreaction and is utterly absurd. His show is to entertain, they push the envelope and often say controversial things, this time it went too far. And while I think it warranted some feedback I believe what has happened to him is excessive. To call the man racist is just a poor decision. It is also a strong thing to say after one dumb comment. Yes, the comment was racist and as I stated before I’m not defending the comment, I’m defending the man, he is not a racist. He is making every attempt to reconcile what he did. He appeared on Al Sharpton’s radio show to try and vindicate himself for the poor choice of words. For people to be calling for his job at this point is ludicrous. This is no where near on the level of what Michael Richards said and I almost feel Imus is getting more abuse. He has apologized numerous times and is trying to make things right, give the man a pass on a comment that was just a dumb mistake.