Alright, so apparently I’m a week behind on this one (sorry), but it seems the NBC Irish mob drama The Black Donnellys is off the air for good. This may be upsetting to a few loyal fans but it should come as no surprise, as the show has posted awful numbers from the start. It was first reported on 4/2 that Donnellys would be given 2 more episodes to try and save itself, but two days later TV Guide reported, “Though as recently as Monday the plan was to allow The Black Donnellys two more airings, NBC has since opted to snuff the mob drama effective immediately, Variety reports, likely as a result of its most recent ratings plunge.” The official word is that NBC will allow the remaining episodes to be streamed online, releasing a new one every Monday night (first one debuted yesterday). It is also being reported that NBC will not bring Studio 60 back to that time slot at the moment, instead giving the coveted but cursed post-Heroes spot to the new reality show The Real Wedding Crashers beginning April 23.

Andy Barker, PI is also getting the “nursing home treatment” (where a doomed the show is tucked away somewhere no one will see it for its final few episodes).  It’s final 2 will air back-to-back at 8 pm on Saturday, April 14.  Although the show has gotten some serious critical praise, its ratings are pretty dismal, and this was no surprise.  Andy Richter is the unluckiest man on TV.