From the “Upcoming Shows” section of The Roots myspace.

(EDIT: This lineup has been confirmed.  To see a more recent analysis of Rutgersfest, check out this newer post.)

It’s not set to officially debut until Thursday April 12, but according to their myspace, popular Hip-Hop band The Roots are headlining this year’s Rutgersfest. Rumored openers, from a fairly untrustworthy Facebook Event page, are Everclear and Hawthorne Heights. My hatred of Emo aside, I think it might be a good concert. The Roots are a very strong choice for a headliner; they play very accessible, enjoyable, and quality Hip-Hop music. Even disgusting, awful Emo kids who flock from every high school in Middlesex County to see Hawthorne Heights will be able to groove to the smooth sounds of The Roots. And you heard it here first, folks! (Thanks to Ricky for tipping me off about the Facebook Event)