The issue that just won’t seem to go away hit its lowest point today when Don Imus was fired from CBS meaning his radio show will no longer be on the radio. This is a complete injustice for a man who has one of the most successful and distinguished careers in the history of radio. At first I was never defending the comments he made, but now after this latest news break I must say the the comments did not warrant this. For CBS to treat Imus this way after everything that he has done for them is one of the great injustices in the history of the business. What is also disgusting about this is that they felt the need to fire Imus in the midst of WFAN’s annual charity drive for kids with cancer to which Imus is one of the biggest contributors. To date Imus has raised somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 million dollars for charity and this how it ends. Tomorrow morning would have been his telethon during his show, which Imus always raises huge amounts of money. Not only did CBS fire him the eve of this show they also did not even give him a chance to say goodbye to his fans, there is no question he deserved more.

I have been listening to the Fan all day today and everyone has the same feeling, that this firing was disgusting and shameful. For CBS to turn its back on Imus after all these years is a dishonorable and cowardly act. The organizers of the charity drive, who have been on the air all day have all voiced there sympathy and complete shock that Imus was fired over a dumb comment that he made. A 30 year career is now coming to an end because of a momentary lapse in judgment. This punishment does not fit the crime. For all of you who have been calling for his job, congratulations. I hope your happy. You are as much to blame as anyone is in this matter. What you have done to this man was simply uncalled for and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Do you really think the Rutgers Women’s team wanted him fired. Stop making this about yourselves because it doesn’t involve anyone but Imus and the team. There is nothing more worthless than people using their platform to take cheap shots at others. This is a horribly sad day.